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Portrait Sessions

My husband and I had a portrait session with Andrea of Amagee Photography. Her friendly approach made it fun and comfortable with a lot of laughter, resulting in genuine smiles from both of us. Andrea’s work is highly professional, and she has a talent for capturing the essence of her subject in the most beautiful of settings. We were thrilled with the finished product.

– M&T Leinemann

Amagee Photography is the best photographer that I know. I have had several sessions with her where the pictures were perfect. I like the way she has an eye for background and will take you to all sorts of sights to get the best shots. She gets the proofs back to you very quickly. I highly recommend this business for all your photography needs.

– L.P.

Community Engagement

Andrea Magee has been actively involved in the Christmas Pageant Photoshoot for the Community Christmas Eve Service in Dawson City for the past two years. Her commitment to helping us to get the best possible pictures and her determination to come to help on the day determined even though she had other responsibilities, was truly valued and appreciated. Andrea donated her time and her energy.

Andrea is a professional and she took many pictures of each tableau to get the “perfect shot”. She worked well with the young people, patiently encouraging them to give “just the right pose”, and they responded to her by giving their best. Andrea has an eye for lighting and shadows, placing actors for the scenes in just the right positions. As director, I have really enjoyed working with her and am in awe of her photographic talents. All of us at the shoot are grateful to her for her sharing and energy.

Whenever something is happening in our community whether a special sunset, a fireworks show, or an interesting activity, Andrea can be counted on to be there, capturing the happening with expertise, energy and determination. Her finished products are works of art and always leave the viewer spellbound. She is a lovely person, and she takes her work seriously.

Please feel free to contact me if you need further information at 993-5045 or

– Betty Davidson

Commercial Shoots

We hired Andrea to take photos during some of our winter events. She went above and beyond in her commitment to the project. She was there earlier than we expected and stayed later as well. The images she captured were of high quality and portrayed the exact type of emotion our events evoke. It was amazing to hire someone locally that could serve our needs. We would definitely hire her again!

– Paul Robitaille, Marketing and Events Manager, Klondike Visitor’s Association

I had the privilege of being photographed by Amagee Photography and a favourite photo is proudly displayed on the back covers of my two published novels.

– T.A. Leinemann, Author.

Having a photo of me taken for public use was new to me. The first photo shoot I had was in a local photography studio. The woman was helpful and did a decent job. The result was that I looked “stiff.” I wanted a more relaxed look–who wants to hire a coach who looks stiff and uncomfortable? When Andrea offered to do a photo shoot with me I nervously accepted.

She picked an outdoor space for us to meet. When we met up it was relaxed and expansive. I instantly relaxed when Andrea got behind the camera and started taking photos-no big flash to worry me about having my eyes closed!

A year or so later, I contracted Andrea to do another photo shoot and was excited about it. When Andrea is behind the camera it’s as if something changes..she is relaxed and in the moment…this means that I can relax and enjoy the process…the outcome shows it. She pays attention to detail and finds the right environment that works for “you” the client.

I will be hiring Andrea for future photo shoots for my business website.

– Mo Caley-Verdonk, Life Coach, Inspired Living

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